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Light Touch Theater produced Skeleton Woman in August of 2006.

Director's Notes from the program:

WELCOME to Light Touch Theater’s first time out and welcome to the magical world of Skeleton Woman. An ordinary woman picks up a fairy tale and literally gets pulled into the story. Skeleton Woman, Lady Death, Berchta, Sedna, Baba Yaga, Kali, Inana, appear in many cultures, but not our own. They’re not necessarily the same figure, but they all grapple with loss, death, the importance of letting go and going down into the depths of the inner world. But watch out, they are not ordinary friends.....

You will find that this play has different modalities than an ordinary play. It was written in the language of poetry and music and movement to create an experiential feeling of the depths where jewels can be recovered, losses reconciled, and fragmentations healed. Fairytales, dreams, daydreams, trances can help us go there. And once there we find another language: A language which doesn’t have the typical logic, but does have rhythms and resonances which speak to parts of our selves which are often buried for long periods of time. We hope this play captures a bit of Skeleton Woman’s magic.

—Christina O’Reilly








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