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Theater in the Moment: creating moments of theater in your daily life.

Theater sets the stage for an audience to be in a rarefied setting where we look, observe—and if it’s very good theater and it’s material we’re interested in, we interact with it, we change, and become more alive inside.

Light Touch Theater wants to take this one step further. WHY NOT ACT? To many people acting is threatening, scary, but because of the intentionality and ephemeral nature of it, it is sometimes the moment when actors feel the most alive.

In ancient times the stage was the sacred temple and every act on it was a gift to the gods and in return a gift from the gods. It is that moment of openness and presence in oneself and the external world which creates the setting for magic or grace to happen. Let’s claim a bit of that magic in moments and let “theater” happen in our daily lives.

So let’s break it down. To have theater you need a performer, an audience, intentionality with text or movement, and a stage. The stage is simple. It’s where you stand. The audience is easy. It can be a friend, an acquaintance, a passer-by—someone you want to share a bit of art with.